Afghana! - Help

  • Stories of Afghan American Women (AsianWeek.com) - by Meg Dixin
  • Women on the road for Afghanistan - A group of women from several countries coming together in Dushenbe (Tajikistan) to set charter of essential rights of Afghan women
  • Online Center for Afghan Studies - Introduction and history of Afghan women
  • The Afghan Women's Mission - Founded by Steve Penner for plight of Afghan women's rights with goals including Health care, Education, empowerment, and awareness. 
  • RAWA - Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan - -Political/Social site dealing with issues concerning Afghan women inside and outside Afghanistan with poems, songs, shocking movie clips and pictures - viewer discretion advised.
  • WAPHA - Women's Alliance for Peace and Human Rights in Afghanistan - -Formed by Dr. Zieba Shorish-Shamley, it promote awareness of the tragic human rights situation in Afghanistan and to advocate for social, political, economic and civil rights of the Afghan women and girls in that country
  • Afghan Girls United - Australia based site uniting young Afghan women
  • Feminist Majority Foundation - Feminist organization dealing with "gender apartheid" in Afghanistan

A poem dedicated to Afghan Women in Afghanistan