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Afghan Translation Service - Afghan Translation Service, based in Toronto Canada, provides superior translation and interpretation services to Afghans and non Afghans. We specialize in Farsi or Dari (Persian) and Pashtu translations into English and French, and vice versa.

Center for Applied Linguistics - Washington DC based organization with online classes for Pashtu

Farsi Online Dictionary - English to Farsi and Farsi to English

Danish-Pashto/Danish-Dari/Danish-English Dictionary - "This site is about the first Danish-Pashto-Dari dictionary. This dictionary can be found only in CD."

Pashto Dictionary - This dictionary contains all of the words from the glossary of Herbert Penzl's A grammar of Pashto: A descriptive study of the dialect of Kandahar, Afghanistan

Afghan Translator - Wuppertal (Germany) based professional interpreter and translation services (German, French, Japanese, Pashtu, Farsi, Spanish)