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Every year Nasruddin's day is celebrated in Turkey with great pomp and show. The age in which he lived is not exactly known. There are even doubts about the country of his birth. Iranians claim that he was from Iran. The Turks have their own claim. The latest claim is that of the Russians who say that he was born in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. But he is said to be buried in Turkey. Whatever Nasruddin's place of birth and nationality might have been, the fact remains that his anecdotes are famous all over the world.

Several Volumes of stories about Nasruddin (also called Nasiruddin) have been published in England. His stories have been published in Urdu and Pashto languages too; they are often repeated by the people. The stories of Nasruddin are popular because they deal with experiences of day-to-day life. He had been a tailor, a merchant, a doctor, a judge or a farmer, and he had traveled widely. Some of his stories, while narrating a funny situation describe a fact and serve as an advice for people.