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List of Radio Stations in Afghanistan






  • Voice of Afghan Solidarity - Toronto based Afghan radio station
  • Afghan Radio - Online Radio
  • Radio Payam-e-Afghan ( - Orange county (California, USA) based 24 hour Afghan radio site with music and commentaries by Khetab radio.
  • Afghanistan National Radio - A San Francisco bay area  based network headed by the Afghan veteran journalist, broadcaster and pioneer, Farida Anwari, provides a comprehensive variety of social, cultural and religious programming for the entire family.
  • Voice of Afghanistan - Toronto based Radio station
  • - A Hazaragi entertainment portal site with songs, photos, etc.
  • Radio Free Afghanistan - Europe based Afghan radio station in Pashto and Dari
  • Khalid's Site (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Afghan Radio ( - The Netherlands based site, "broadcasting 24 Hours a day Brand new Dari/Pashto Songs from the newest CD's of Afghan Singers in MP3 format with the highest quality."
  • RealAfghan Entertainment Site - (Scarborough, Canada) Music, radio station, voice chat etc.
  • Mustafa's Mixed Music  
  • Farzad's Mast Afghan Radio - Afghani Mast Songs including Nasrat Parsa, Habib Qaderi, Sidiq Shubab, Aris Parwez, Qader Eshparie, Farzad, Farhad Darya, Najeem and Said Omer.
  • Radio Afghanistan - Toronto Based Afghan site with over 5000 Afghan Dari and Pashtu songs, 24 hour streaming audio, Artist Community, games, and music on request.
  • -  24/7  Music Channel - 24 hours Afghan music
  • Watan Afghanistan - Radio station