Afghans in Denmark

Afghana! - Help

Afghan to Afghan Organization - "Our organization is ready to take this big step to establish a movement in Denmark and other European countries to gather Afghan new generation for peace and positive purposes. Our goals are much more specific and our focus will be on achievement of United Afghanistan, peace and a proud afghan community in Denmark."

Afghan Online - Copenhagen (Denmark) based Afghan portal with general information on Afghanistan

Danish-Pashto/Danish-Dari/Danish-English Dictionary - "This site is about the first Danish-Pashto-Dari dictionary. This dictionary can be found only in CD. "

DACAAR - "The Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees, DACAAR, is a humanitarian non-governmental organisation which supports sustainable economic and social recovery in selected project areas in Afghanistan as well as the lasting return of refugees and internally displaced people."

Azadi Afghan News - Denmark based monthly Newspaper about history and photos from Afghanistan

Khalid's Web Site  (Copenhagen Denmark)