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Afghana! is the first Afghan Search Engine and Web Directory. The Web Portal provides information on issues concerning Afghanistan and it's people to Afghans and non-Afghans. It is a gateway to Afghan culture, business, history, sports, media, news, government, tourism, art, literature, music, etc. Through our Get Local section, Afghan communities are mapped around the world in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America as well is inside Afghanistan in individual provinces.
Why Afghana!
Afghanistan is a distant country with modest population. Until Afghana! there was little organization to the listing of Afghan sites around the world. Major search engines invest in countries with strong economies and large populations. Unfortunately Afghanistan was mostly left out and only bits and pieces of information was available during the late 1990s. Here at Afghana! our goal is to be the most comprehensive Afghanistan web portal inside and outside of Afghanistan and bring Afghans from all walks of life around the world in a common meeting please. 
Where is Afghana! based
Though Afghana! has affiliates throughout  North America, Europe and Asia, our hub is based in San Francisco bay area.
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You can contact us at:
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How you can help?
Afghana! is a product of Afghan web sites and its user's suggestions and comments. If you have any comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear it.  This is an Afghan site and belongs to Afghans. If you feel you can contribute to the site in any way, including web designing, graphic design and manipulation, your help is welcomed and appreciated. You can contact us at:
If you would like to be an editor for Afghana.com, please see Afghana! Editor Program