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Academic Institutions

American University of Afghanistan - The American University of Afghanistan is a four-year liberal-arts university offering degrees in Business Administration and Information Communication Technology.

Kardan Institute of Higher Education - Kabul

Dari / Pashto educational software - Dari / Pashto educational software for Afghan kids. Instructive Afghani games for your kids. Books in Dari and Pashto for your kids and more.

Learning Dari/Farsi Alphabet for kids- A complete educational flash developed movie, designed to show exactly how to write, pronounce Dari Alphabets, with phonemes explaination

Khaatera Scholarship - Promoting education through scholarships by donor spnsored scholarships

The Afghanistan Digital Library - seeks to recover and begin to preserve Afghanistan's literary heritage,  recreating much of the bibliography of Afghanistan digitally and making these books available to anyone who has access to a computer and the Internet.

Afghanistan higher Education Reconstruction - An account of Dr. Maliha Zulfacar's visit to Afghanistan (Kabul University) in 2002. Streaming videos of Afghan capital and information on Ministry of Higher Education in Afghanistan.

Links for Afghan Medical Students - by Dr. Saif Nasafi

NGOs Building Schools in Afghanistan

Green Village Schools - Oregon based organization headed by Dr. Mohammad Khan Kharoti helping build and maintain schools in Afghanistan


Afghan Mental Health - A magazine publication of Kabul University/Psychotrauma Centre.

American International School of Kabul - US funded school built in 1964 for members of the international community in Kabul. - UK based site for English-Pashto-Dari dictionary

Geos English Academy - English as second language courses with locations around the world

Afghanistan Political Geography - Categorized information on Afghanistan

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