Afghans in Pakistan

Afghana! - Help

  • - Quetta (Pakistan) based Afghan association dedicated to Afghanistan reconstruction and education
  • Hazara Institute of Computer Science (HICS) - In 1999, the foundation of a professional computer organization was laid in Quetta, Pakistan. HICS is a non-profit organization and is driven by the desires of Hazara individuals that believe in helping each other and sharing their knowledge with anyone having a desire to learn new skills in the computer field.
  • - Peshawar based general information site
  • Afghanistan - Peshawar based site with information and entertainment
  • Afghan Padshahan - Historical figures of Afgahnistan
  • Afghan Resource Center - Peshawar based agency providing information on Afghanistan 
  • Afghan Youth Society - "Defense of the rights and social status of the female and male youth at national as well as global levels."
  • Humanitarian Assistance for Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) - Peshawar (Pakistan) based non-profit organization aiming to enhance the well-being of Afghan women and encouraging their participation in reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.
  • Spinghar Online - Afghan politics in cartoon format 
  • Watan Afghanistan - Peshawar based site designed by Mr. Said Marjan, with general content including the Pashto language, Music, Photo Gallery, Java and Voice Chat, greeting cards and video clips.
  • HAWCA -  Based in Pakistan, "HAWCA is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit making organization of the Afghan women and men which is working inside and outside the country aiming to enhance the well-being of Afghan women and children and, hence, empower and encourage women’s participation in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan and as well as provide the possible opportunity in educational and health for the Afghan children who are the victims of war, immigration and uncertain situation inside and outside the country in the refugee camps."