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World Bank - Afghanistan section

Asian Development Bank: Afghanistan section

World Bank: The Afghanistan Directory of Expertise - "The Afghanistan Directory of Expertise facilitates identification of individuals with expertise relevant to reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. Given the increasing need for experts on Afghanistan and reconstruction expertise, more broadly, this directory lists voluntary information of individuals who are interested in contributing their skills and talents towards rebuilding Afghanistan."

Afghanistan Assistance Coordination Authority - The Afghan Assistance Coordination Authority (AACA) is a public body of the Afghan government established by decree dated 1 April 2002.
It is responsible for the overall management of assistance to Afghanistan. The objective of the AACA is to attract international assistance and guide its effective usage.

Aidworker's diary (Sweden) - This is a site written by an aid worker currently working in northern Afghanistan. Has photos and diary notes. Features e-mail subscription service

The American Coalition for Afghanistan - We believe that, given adequate funding and common-sense policies, Afghanistan can rebuild itself not merely into an average Third World nation, but into a stable democracy with a successful economy that makes it a model for the region.

Afghanistan-America Foundation - The Afghanistan-America Foundation is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization with the mission of  facilitating the reconstruction of Afghanistan in a cost-effective and timely manner, utilizing Afghan expatriates in collaboration with the people of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan in the New Millinium"This is is a website designed to inform Afghans about affairs in Afghanistan. Afghanistan In The New Millennium has three core pillars. Public Relation, Project Development and Think Tank. Afghans and Non Afghans are welcome to participate and may even become a member."

Afghanistan Reconstruction Company (ARC) - " .. bringing international resources together with Afghan business and nonbusiness leaders to help rebuild Afghanistan's economy. ARC has attracted a core of experienced businessmen committed to reconstructing Afghanistan's physical infrastructure and reviving Afghan business and commercial institutions." - ".. an Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization. The main objective of is to contribute to reconstruction of Afghanistan through educating its populations" - "Afghan Mediators aims to connect nonprofits with volunteers and donators while allowing them to benefit from our free communication tools. In the same way, volunteers and donators can search for their favorite nonprofits in our database and be notified of fundraising events and community announcements."

AID Afghanistan - "AIDA's primary objective is to provide financial assistance, technical support and consultancy for the post-conflict reconstruction and long-term social and economic development of Afghanistan."

Post-war Reconstruction and Development in Afghanistan - "This Development Focus is about the process of rebuilding Afghanistan after more than 20 years of wars and chaos which will be starting with the formation of a new broad-based Government in Kabul expected in early 2002. This Focus will concentrate on issues of post-conflict reconstruction and socio-economic development covering other issues only as needed for background information."

Return of Qualified Afghans Programme - "International Organization for Migration has launched a pilot stage of the Return Of Qualified Afghans Programme (IOM-RQA) with a view to boost rehabilitation efforts in the post-conflict Afghanistan through the progressive transfer of know-how of Afghan expatriate professionals to the socio-economic sector and administrative functions in their home country."

US-ARC - "US-ARC is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of professionals dedicated to the reconstruction and development of a civil society in Afghanistan"

Young Afghan World Alliance ( - New York City based organization dedicated to a just and world-class education system for girls and boys in Afghanistan