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(in alphabetical order)

  • Afghan Communicator- Community based, not for profit organization with focus on education, community development, youth leadership and advocacy.
  • Afghan Community Foundation, Inc. - Georgia based  registered organization, promoting Afghan heritage and tradition
  • Afghan Community Organization of London (UK)
  • Afghan Jirga - Afghan Jirga is a non-profit and non-partisan organization comprised of Afghan intellectuals worldwide.
  • - Organization representing the Afghan community in Southern California, including San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.
  • The Organization of Afghan Professionals - "The organization of Afghanprofessionals is a non-profit and non-political organization whose attempt is to assist the UNDP, ADB, Afghan Government, Afghan agencies, contractors and institutions by implementation of rehabilitation and reconstruction of Afghanistan with technical assistance and to provide support and encouragement to Afghanprofessionals living abroad in order to enable them to accept job assignments in Afghanistan."
  • Afghan-Canadian Professionals of Ontario, Canada ( - ".. a not for profit, non-political, and official organization in the Province of Ontario, Canada, with the aim of promoting higher education to Afghan Community."
  • Afghan Medical Tribune - California based medical association, is concerned and involved with health issues of that nation
  • - Minneapolis (MN) based organization dedicated to helping and brining awareness to the orphan children of Afghanistan.
  • Afghan Peace Association
  • Afghan Peace Organization - promoting peace in Afghanistan
  • - "Our mission is to help the innocent suffering people of Afghanistan"
  • - "Afghan Solidarity was founded on June 4, 2001 in the United States with a progressive agenda. Its members are well educated in the culture and history of Afghanistan and are united in their belief that Afghanistan and its people need help. The values of the group reflect those of its individual members: allegiance to their current-adopted home states; allegiance or sympathy to the nation and the people of Afghanistan; a genuine desire for a political settlement to the current unrest; prosperity for its people; a nation of Afghanistan clean from harmful foreign elements; and a channel for the voice of Afghan communities worldwide. "
  • Afghan to Afghan Organization - "Our organization is ready to take this big step to establish a movement in Denmark and other European countries to gather Afghan new generation for peace and positive purposes. Our goals are much more specific and our focus will be on achievement of United Afghanistan, peace and a proud afghan community in Denmark."
  • - Young Afghan Professionals for the Reconstruction and Development of Afghanistan
  • ASAP(Acting in Solidarity with Afghan People) - ASAP is a network of individuals committed to the alleviation of oppression and human rights violations in Afghanistan
  • Assistance Afghanistan 
  • Association for Peace and Democracy for Afghanistan, The - Virginia based international association promoting peace and democracy in Afghanistan
  • Friends of Afghanistan  
    "Friends of Afghanistan was begun within the National Peace Corps Association; membership is open to everyone who has an interest in Afghanistan, past and present.  Our goals include informing members and the public about organizations assisting Afghans, both within and outside of Afghanistan.
    We also serve as the alumni organization for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Staff who served in Afghanistan. We try to facilitate publication of information about Afghanistan through our quarterly newsletter, Afghan Connections."
  • Help Afghan School Children - "Help Afghan School Children Org (HASCO) is a not-for-profit, non-political organization dedicated in helping Afghan new returnees send their children to school. Our goal is to help Afghan children catch up on so many years of lost schooling. We have no affiliation to any political or ethnic groups inside or outside of Afghanistan. We believe that children are the future of every society and we want to prevent the loss of another generation of Afghan children. We believe that if we want to prevent another humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan and if we want a peaceful, prosperous and friendly Afghanistan, we must help the young generation of Afghans catch up on the long years of missed education."
  • Humanitarian Assistance for Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) - Peshawar (Pakistan) based non-profit organization aiming to enhance the well-being of Afghan women and encouraging their participation in reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.
  • Help The Afghan Children, Inc -Virginia (US) Based Afghan organization dedicated in helping Afghan orphanages in Afghanistan.
  • - Afghan Social and cultural association in Trondheim, Norway
  • Save The Afghan Refugees (STAR) -  A  non-profit humanitarian organization working to provide care, support and relief to the afghan people
  • The Children of War - US based organization established in 1993 by Mr. Najib Aziz "helping the suffering people of Afghanistan and refugee camps in Pakistan."
  • Society of Afghan Engineers - Virginia based organization dealing with re-construction issues in Afghanistan
  • Society of Afghan Professionals - San Francisco based organization  providing services to the Afghan Community and creating a strong network among the professionals.
  • Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
  • Homepage of youth Movement for Peace and Democracy - London based organization focused on Afghan politics, history, etc.
  • - "Virtual Nation is a communications resource Internet center for Afghans of all ethnics origins and non-governmental organizations"
  • World Pashtun Foundation - general site about Pashuns abroad
  • Afghanistan Libre  - Afghanistan based organization, dedicated to the revitalization and rehabilitation of the educational system in Afghanistan

The U.S. Public  Affairs Program for Afghanistan - "Based at the U.S. Consulate in Peshawar, the U.S. Public Affairs Program for Afghanistan advocates and explains American policy on issues of interest to its Afghan audience. It also advises the U.S. Mission in Pakistan on issues of public diplomacy, and works closely with Afghan and foreign organizations to promote bilateral relations between the U.S. and Afghanistan. The U.S. Public Affairs Program for Afghanistan also reaches Pakistani audiences through its cultural and exchange programs."