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Afghana! Ethnic Sites
Hazara Online - A well organize site on people, society, language and photo gallery

The Hazara Unity Online - "the Hazara unity is full of Hazaragie music, videos, interviews, picture and more..."

Hazara.org - general information center

Hazara Institute of Computer Science (HICS) In 1999, the foundation of a professional computer organization was laid in Quetta, Pakistan. HICS is a non-profit organization and is driven by the desires of Hazara individuals that believe in helping each other and sharing their knowledge with anyone having a desire to learn new skills in the computer field.

Manji (message) - General portal site with news articles, information, poetry and more.

Hazara music center (HazaraNation.net)- Hazaragi Music and Video

Hazara-Nation - A Hazara student group in Holland

Bamian.net - The difference between Islam and other religions

Hazaraha Online News Network - Holland based site with Commentary, News, chat, and more

Hazaragi Magazine - Pictorials, music and other information on the People of Hazara

Informational site on Hazara People and links to related pages

Hazara Society - a voice against the oppression of the Hazara people of Afghanistan

Hazaraha - Hazaraha Online News Network

State of Hazaristan - promoting a federal-state relationship between Afghanistan and "Hazaristan"

Voice of Hazaristan - European based site on culture, tradition and politics.

Hazara Cultural and Historical Archives - Origins, populations, language cluture, religion, history and political parties.

HazaragiRadio.com - A Hazaragi entertainment portal site with songs, photos, etc.