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Note: One of the Greatness of Afghanistan is it's diversity.  Though this page can do little justice for this heterogeneity, it will provide a glimpse of this beauty. Ethnic groups, other than Pashtuns and Tajiks, will be presented in Alphabetical order.

General Sites

  • Afghanistan Network - ethnic groups of Afghanistan including Pashtun, Taijiks, Hazaras, Uzbek, Turkmans, Nuristanis, Aimaqs, Baluchis, etc.



  • Afghanturklar Home Page - Cairo (Egypt) based site with general Informational on Uzbek people, including history,  poetry, culture and pictures
  • Uzbek People Home - Denmark based web site by Mr. Masoud Azizi with general information on Uzbek people of Afghanistan



  • Afghan Hindus - General site with information on history, culture, language and family tree