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  • Afghanai - General site with information on Afghan Kuchian (Nomads)
  • Pashto educational software - Dari / Pashto educational software for Afghan kids. Instructive Afghani games for your kids. Books in Dari and Pashto for your kids and more.
  • Pashto Matalona
  • - "The Pashtun Heritage Foundation -  Sworn to preserve and protect the culture and ways of the Pashtun (ethnic Afghan) people."
  • - Pashto Books, poetry, novels, and photos of Afghanistan.
  • Watan Afghanistan - Peshawar based site designed by Mr. Said Marjan, with general content including the Pashto language, Music, Photo Gallery, Java and Voice Chat, greeting cards and video clips.
  • Afghan Mental Health - A magazine publication of Kabul University/Psychotrauma Centre.
  • Khpala - The site is dedicated to the development and promotion of Pashtu language. The site contains a free Pashtu software with Pashtu fonts for windows 2000 and windows xp.
  • Masood Peganai - Salzburg (Austria) based Afghan site
  • Afghani Paana (Information for health of Pashto)
  • - Austria based site by Mr. Meerwais Nazifi with general information about Pashtuns
  • Pakhtun Unity Homepage - Informational page on Pakhtum people, including history and poetry.
  • Dastanoona - Pashawar based Pashtu publication with Pashtu short stories and fiction.
  • Pashtana - Pictorials of historic figgures and much more
  • The Pashtoon's Page - Encompassing poetry, music, musical instruments, jokes, and more.
  • Rahman Baba - Germany based site by Mr. Nasim Wardak over 100 Kulyat (Gazals) of Rahman Baba in Pashto
  • (Pashtu section) - information on prominent Pashtoon figures, history, music, concerts, links etc.
  • Gran Hewad - Pashto poetry
  • - General Pashto information site with Islam, history, and entertainment sections.

Da'Zra Dardoona (Afflictions of the Heart) - Poetic collections of Aminullah Zmaryalai

Kha`l Zadar - Poetic collection of Dr. Besmillah Amir

Radio Payam-e-Afghan ( - Orange county (California, USA) based 24 hour Afghan radio site with music and commentaries by Khetab radio.